Linda Cook, MLIS, Director, Edmonton Public Libraries

Posted on 1/29/2008 at 3:46:35 PM

Each of the Edmonton Public Library branches now has a copy of No Corner Boys Here on its shelves!

Linda Cook, Director of the library system, has been well-known and highly respected on both the local and national library scene for years. She was a special librarian before moving into the public library field, and is so cognizant of the library’s readership.

Linda’s support of the author’s grant application to the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation eloquently expressed her recognition of the need to record the history of those who built this province. “People are hungry for this kind of information,” she wrote.

Now, that thirst for knowledge will be addressed. No Corner Boys Here is the story of one family who came to Canada under an assisted immigration scheme, who repaid every cent they’d been loaned under that scheme, and whose descendents grew and prospered as farmers and teachers, home-makers and an Anglican minister, entrepreneurs and a trapper. They are the people who taught their children and grandchildren the values of honesty and hard work, acceptance and love, political understanding and family ties.

Thank you, Linda, for making No Corner Boys Here available to patrons throughout the Edmonton Public Library system.

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