Dave Rodney (BA, BEd, MRE), MLA Calgary-Lougheed.

Posted on 5/27/2009 at 5:24:26 AM

What it pleasure it was to meet Dave Rodney, a man who immediately understood the significance of No Corner Boys Here, its stories and its history. Dave purchased 12 copies for distribution to the schools in his riding.

“It is an honour, privilege, and inspiration to learn about this proud Albertan and her history, so do yourself a huge favour, today. . . and order Jean Crozier’s entertaining and educational books – for your families and friends! In many ways, Jean’s story is our story; and as you witness the spellbinding past triumphs and tragedies of her clan, perhaps you will apply what they have lost and gained as you assist our fellow Albertans in becoming the strongest, most compassionate visionaries that they can possibly be in the future!”

Dave is one of the few in the world (and the only Canadian) to have summitted Mt. Everest twice!

Thank you, Dave!

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